Central Heating Services in Bolton

If you have central heating in your home then you will know how important it is that your system is safe and efficient, keeping you warm in winter and providing hot water on demand.

Bolton Heating provides comprehensive central heating services for Bolton and the surrounding area including:-

  • Replacement systems for an upgrade
  • New central heating installations
  • Ad hoc radiator replacements
  • Valve changes to existing radiators
  • Pre-purchase and pre-renovation inspections and quotations

Replacing your central heating system

If it is time for an upgrade then turn to Bolton Heating.

If your system is old, it is probably becoming less efficient.  Sludge and debris can build up in the system affecting radiators and pipe work. Radiators may feel cold at the bottom and your boiler will be working a lot harder to maintain a comfortable heating level.

Old systems that are less efficient cost more to run as their capability and efficiency reduce.  Good annual servicing is important as it maintains efficiency and can prolong the life of a system.  But once the system reaches a certain point, no amount of servicing will return it to optimal performance.

Time for a new central heating system?  We replace the radiators and pipe work on your existing layout and install a new boiler to run it all.  You will really appreciate the difference in even temperature throughout your home with a new central heating system.

Installing central heating in your home

Talk to us about how efficient and economic gas central heating could be for your home.

Gas boilers have never been safer and you will make a huge saving on your electricity bills swapping costly storage heaters for a new central heating boiler.

Installation is easier than you think and will take about three days in an average property.  Prices range from around £2.500 to £4,500 depending on the type and size of boiler and the number of radiators.

If you are renovating a property and want to install central heating or upgrade an existing system talk to us first.  We can hide pipe work in the walls and beneath the floors best done before any plastering and fresh decoration.

If the property does not currently have a gas supply, we can point you in the right direction for installation.

Let us provide an inspection and quotation for you before you buy your new house.  You could use this to negotiate over the purchase price as central heating is now viewed as a standard feature in most homes.

Radiator replacements

We can replace individual radiators on your current system.   It may be that one or two of your radiators are no longer efficient but the rest of the system is working fine.   We can also replace valves.

Take a look at our stylish designer radiators, gone are the days of painting radiators to fit in with the decor of the room.  If you just fancy a new look in a freshly decorated space, don’t forget the radiator.

Whatever your heating requirements, from performance to servicing, radiator replacement through to a whole new system, Bolton Heating can help.  Talk to an expert by calling 07930 351134.