Boiler Repair in Bolton

Boiler Repairs

There is never a good time for a boiler breakdown.  Contact our friendly team for your boiler repair in Bolton.  We offer a speedy response and are very experienced in diagnosing and repairing all types and makes of gas boiler.

There are lots of reasons a boiler can develop a fault:-

  • Age-related wear and tear on moving parts
  • Tiny, pinhole leaks in pipework again, often related to age
  • Disintegration and perishing of rubber seals which have a natural lifespan
  • Poor water quality can impact on the whole heating system resulting in the build-up of particles and debris which, over time, can cause blockages
  • Poor servicing record.  An annual service will remove the accumulation of residues which can coat the inside of the burner and block the injectors
  • Low water pressure can be a common cause of a boiler failure.  You can check the pressure gauge on your boiler, normally sited on the front of the boiler or underneath.  When cold, the water pressure reading should be about 1 bar but as the water heats up and expands, this reading should increase to 1.5 bar.  If your pressure reading is below 1 bar when cold, then the external loop will need filling and you can do this yourself.  This video from Glow Worm shows you how to undertake this relatively simple task.  If you have a Worcester boiler then the filling loop is internal.  You can still fill this yourself, Try watching this video on repair in bolton

The length of time it takes to repair your boiler will depend on whether we need to order any parts. We will keep you fully informed of the cost and progress of your repair including the price of parts and whether it is possible to obtain them if the boiler is very old. Our labour charges are transparent at £50 per hour.

We accept all form of payment so bank transfer or card payments, however, we no longer accept cheques.  We will invoice you upon completion of the work and payment terms are within seven days.

Call us now if you need a boiler repair in Bolton – 07930 351134.

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