Boiler Installation in Bolton

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The boiler is the beating heart of your home, it provides warmth and hot water for your family so choosing the right boiler is a key decision.  There is a bewildering array of choices so how can you make sense of all the information and choose the right one?  Let us help you find the best boiler for your home.  We are certified and insured gas engineers with years of experience so you can be reassured that we know what we are talking about, contact us now to discuss your needs.

Here are some initial factors to consider as you make your choice:-

  • What are your heating requirements?
  • What will be the hot water demands within the home?
  • Can you upgrade your existing boiler or do you need to replace it?
  • What are the maintenance requirements of each different type of boiler?
  • What length of warranty is offered with each boiler?
  • Your likely budget

To help you towards the right choice of boiler let’s explain the difference between a conventional boiler and a Combi boiler.

Conventional Boiler

If the gas boiler in your home has been there a long time, then it is probably a conventional boiler.  Usually, gravity-fed by a water tank in the loft, the boiler provides heat only so it boils water using a separate cylinder and coil system to heat it.  The hot water is often supplied by a pump and if a pump is absent then the supply can be poor.Heat only boiler installation

Conventional boilers are generally considered to be less efficient than a Combi boiler leading to higher energy bills and generally a less effective way of heating the home and providing hot water.  If your current boiler is a conventional boiler then it may be quite old and this also makes a difference to bills and quality of output.  Generally, a conventional boiler will be located in the kitchen or utility room, sometimes even behind a fire.  They can be referred to as ‘back boilers’.

Combi Boiler

A Combi boiler is a single unit boiler which provides both the heating and hot water.  Often smaller units, they can be located almost anywhere within the home to suit your preference and are usually wall mounted.  They can be tucked away in cupboards, garages or lofts.

Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from customers.

I have a traditional boiler, can I convert it to a Combi or do I need a new boiler?

Usually upgrading to a Combi boiler would be the best option as you will benefit from better fuel efficiency, hot water pressure and lower bills.  We can, however, install a new conventional boiler in your home if you want to stick with that system, replacing an older version.

Are there houses where you cannot upgrade an old conventional boiler to a Combi?

Sometimes for reasons of cost or general disruption to the property, we will replace an old conventional boiler with a newer version.  You can still benefit from increased heating efficiency and lower bills but we probably will not be able to improve the hot water pressure in the home.

How long does it take to replace a conventional boiler with a new Combi?

On average, the work takes about two days. We will need to alter pipework which usually means going under the floorboards.  The water tanks in the loft will be disconnected and we will remove these if it is possible.

I already have a Combi boiler but would like to upgrade it, how long does this take?

Changing from one Combi boiler to another is usually pretty straightforward and in most cases, the work can be completed within one day.

Will I have running water and heating during the installation process?

There will be periods of interruption whilst the new boiler is fitted but we endeavour to keep these to a minimum and will work around any household issues that you may have such as children or elderly people.  If the work is planned to take more than one day, then we will always leave you with running water overnight.

I have a large house, should I stick with my conventional boiler or upgrade to a Combi?

Combi boilers are generally suitable for houses which are anything in size up to a small four-bedroom detached.  Conventional boilers are suitable for any home but are often more suitable for bigger properties.

I have heard of something called a System boiler, what is this?

A system boiler is like a conventional boiler, they work in much the same way with hot water being produced via a coil in a separate cylinder.  The main difference, however, is that the pump is located within the boiler along with other key parts, they are not external to the unit as with a standard conventional boiler.  The system boiler gets around the problem of lack of water pressure so they are suitable for bigger homes or properties where there is a lot of demand for hot water.  The other good thing is that because the pump and other key parts like the zone valves are internal, they will fall within the guarantee which is not the case with a conventional boiler.

I have read about magnetic filters, what are they used for?

A magnetic filter is a small cylindrical unit which fits beneath the boiler.  They are used to stop any sludge from entering the boiler which can clog or damage moving parts.  This is usually caused by poor water quality.  We highly recommend one and fit a magnetic filter free of charge with every boiler installation.

What will a new boiler cost with fitting?

A new boiler installation in Bolton will cost anywhere from £1,000 to £3,000 depending on the type of boiler you choose and the works that need to be done within the home.  We are Worcester Approved installers and highly recommend Worcester boilers for your home.  Worcester have an excellent reputation for quality boilers, they also offer an extended warranty of ten years and an enviable customer support service.  However, Worcester does supply premium boilers and we appreciate that they are expensive so we do work with other brands which may better suit your budget, such as Ideal and Vokera.  Both of these makes offer excellent value for money and have a good reliability record.

We can offer you:-

  • A professional, qualified and fully insured team of accredited ‘Gas Safe’ engineers
  • Engineers with years of experience
  • We are accredited installers for Worcester and Vaillant
  • Extended guarantees on some models of boiler
  • Impartial advice on which boiler installation is best for your home and budget
  • A boiler installation service for all homes and budgets
  • Fixed price quotes with no hidden costs which we provide without obligation