Boiler Servicing in Bolton

Boiler Servicing

Boiler servicing is integral to the maintenance, efficiency and longevity of your boiler.  We can service your existing boiler and recommend an annual service before the winter which more often than not, is a quick and simple process.

Did you know that some manufacturer’s guarantees may be invalidated if your boiler is not annually serviced?  We can clean the unit removing residues and debris and checking the integrity of seals, ensuring that your boiler works efficiently.

It is not necessary at every service to dismantle and strip down the boiler.  Our engineers can check the current efficiency of your boiler with a Flue Gas Analyser.  If the readings are at acceptable levels then the engineer will complete a visual inspection of the boiler and the service is complete.  This typically costs in the region of £50-£60.  If the readings indicate that the gases are not burning correctly then the engineer will dismantle the boiler and clean the heat exchanger.  It may also be necessary to replace the seals depending on their condition.  The cost for this type of service will be in the region of £120 depending on the labour involved and whether it is necessary to fit new seals.

The best service option for your boiler will depend on its age and condition so call us now to discuss your requirements.

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