Central Heating Installation in Bolton

Central heating is the only source of heating for most properties, so it’s important to make sure yours has been installed and maintained correctly.

Bolton Heating provide central heating services for Bolton and surrounding areas.

That includes:

  • Radiator replacements
  • Radiator valve changes
  • New central heating installations
  • Central heating replacements

Central Heating Installations

Surprisingly, there are still a large number of properties that don’t have central heating.

Generally heated by storage heaters, in most cases, the owners haven’t been able to afford to upgrade to gas central heating. Although, some homeowners just don’t like the idea of a gas boiler in their house!

Installing a new central heating system isn’t as much work as you may think. Any installation costs will be offset by a reduction in electricity bills, as gas central heating is a much more efficient way of heating a home.

A brand new central heating system can cost anywhere from £2,500 to £4,500 depending on the boiler and amount of radiators needs.

A new installation will take around three days and will require floorboards lifting throughout the property. Pipework can also be hidden in the walls to give a tidier finish.

The property will need a gas supply but if it doesn’t, in most cases, one can be installed by a gas supply company.

The vast majority of the population have come to expect gas central heating when buying a property. But you shouldn’t let the lack of one put you off. Homebuyers can use the lack of a central heating system to negotiate a reduction in the price.

We also offer pre-purchase inspections and quotations so you can get an idea of costings before you purchase.

Central Heating Replacements

Central heating systems deteriorate over time, losing their efficiency and capability to heat up effectively. Sludge builds up in the system blocking radiators and pipework, stopping the hot water getting to the places it’s needed the most. Older radiators will feel cold at the bottom and the boiler will have to work a lot harder to heat up the property.

Flushing chemicals through and balancing the system can offer improvements. This helps remove the sludge stopping the radiators from working correctly. But, once a system has reached a certain point in most cases it’s just easier to install a new one.

Brand new radiators and pipework replace the existing layout and a new boiler is installed to run the system. The result is an efficient central heating system capable of heating any home quickly and effectively.

Radiator replacements

As mentioned above, central heating systems deteriorate over time. But, in a lot of cases, there can be just a couple of radiators that aren’t working correctly. Sometimes only one or two will require replacing, instead of the whole system.

With the rise of designer radiators, radiators have evolved into a way of adding character into a room. Gone are the days of painting radiators to keep them up to date with the decor.

Bolton Heating cater to all types of radiator replacements. Whether you want a stylish addition to your living room or are just fed up with one that doesn’t work properly, we can help.

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